Sunday, November 19, 2006

Web: Firefox Extensions I Use

Updated December 18, 2006

Firefox extensions allow us to add great functionality to an already great browser. I'm currently using Firefox 2.0 and the following extensions (listed with each author's description). Click the links to read more or install.
  • 1-ClickWeather 1.1.4 - Instant local weather, alerts, radar in motion, satellite maps, and forecasts.
  • Adblock Filterset.G Updater - Synchronizes Adblock with Filterset.G
  • Adblock Plus - Ads were yesterday!
  • All-in-One Sidebar 0.7.1 - Sidebar control with award-winning user experience!
  • Answers 2.2.21 - Alt+Click on any word or term for quick info (definitions, up-to-the-minute reference, and more). No selection is necessary!
  • Autofill 0.3 - Automatically fill out HTML forms
  • Bookmarks Synchronizer SE 1.2.0 - Bookmarks Synchronizer SE is a Mozilla Firefox extension that let you connect to an FTP/WebDAV server and synchronize your bookmarks that are stored in an XML file. Setup is easy: just write in your FTP/WebDAV server address, username, password and a name for the XML file (by default called xbel.xml). To start, press Upload to create the file on the server and set if you want to automatically download the file on startup or upload it when you close your browser.
  • BugMeNot 1.3 - Bypass compulsory web registration with the context menu via
  • ColorZilla - Advanced Eyedropper, ColorPicker, Page Zoomer and other colorful goodies.
  • CSSViewer 1.0.2 - A simple CSS property viewer
  • Complete 1.3 - is a social bookmarks manager. It allows you to easily add sites you like to your personal collection of links, to categorize those sites with keywords, and to share your collection not only between your own browsers and machines, but also with others.
  • DOM Inspector 1.8.1 - Inspects the structure and properties of a window and its contents.
  • Drag de Go 0.2.5 - This extention allows you to execute several commands using Drag and Drop Gesture.
  • Firebug 1.0b4 - Web Development Evolved
  • FireFTP 0.94.6 - FTP Client for Mozilla Firefox.
  • Flat Bookmark Editing 0.8.1 - Edit bookmarks in the bookmark organizer, without opening the properties window.
  • Greasemonkey - A User Script Manager for Firefox
  • Hide Tab Bar 0.2.2 - Toggles the Tab Bar via chosen key.
  • Html Validator - Adds HTML validation to the View Page Source of the browser. The validation is done by Tidy from W3c.
  • IE Tab - Enables you to use the embedded IE engine within Mozilla/Firefox.
  • Link Alert 0.6.1 - Changes the cursor to indicate the target of a link.
  • MeasureIt 0.3.6 - Draw out a ruler to get the pixel width and height of any elements on a webpage.
  • Mouse Gestures 1.5.2 - Allows you to execute common commands using mouse gestures.
  • MR Tech Local Install - Local Install power tools for all users. (en-US)
  • OpenBook 1.3.4 - Allows for customization of the Add Bookmark dialog
  • Pearl Crescent Page Saver Basic 1.3 - Save an image of a web page to a file.
  • Print/Print Preview 0.4 - Replace the default "Print" button with the Mozilla Suite style "Print/Print Preview" toolbar button/menu. Adds new options to context menu as well.
  • QuickNote - A note taking extension with advanced features
  • Sage 1.3.8 - A lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator.
  • Searchbar Autosizer 1.3.1 - Expand the searchbox as you type
  • ServerReplace 1.1 - Replaces the server in an open URL with a bookmark if you hold ALT+CTRL.
  • Tab Mix Plus - Tab browsing with an added boost.
  • Tiny Menu 1.4 - Replace the standard menu bar with a tiny menu popup.
  • TinyUrl Creator 1.0.1 - Convenient tool to create small url redirects from longer ones.
  • Update Notifier - Notifies you when updates are available for your extensions and themes.
  • Uppity 1.4.11 - Navigate up one level (directory).
  • Web Developer 1.0.2 - Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.
Additional customizations and software I use with Firefox:




December 29, 2006 9:58 PM, The Swan said...

I think you'd like ColorZilla - I use it right next to MeasureIt when I'm developing pages. It's extremely useful for when I find a color and ask the question "Now what's the Hex code for that thing?"  

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